July 12, 2011

Adoptable Pets

The dogs in our program are altered before being placed. They are microchipped, vaccinated and come with an additional four weeks of integration training after adoption. The adoption fee for our animals is $200 for dogs over 8 years of age, $315 for dogs over 6-months but less than 8 years and $350 for puppies 6-months or younger; kittens are $90 20-weeks or younger and cats are $80. This is to cover medical care, food and housing while we have the animal, as well as the training that sets our organization apart.

If you are interested in meeting any of these dogs, please email inge or call her at 303-669-2793 or email Gina or call her at 720-514-2543.

We try to the best of our ability to represent the breed, age and health as accurately as possible; however, as many of these animals come to us with no previous history, in some cases we are going off of educated guesses. Please be aware that while many dogs may appear purebred, there is no guarantee without a DNA check.

Having an animal that is not altered (spayed or neutered) in your home may disqualify your adoption.

Please include photos of your yard if you have one, including the fencing.