July 12, 2011


Nikenos Second Chances recently rescued a Lab mix named J.D. after his owner's unexpected death. Poor J.D. was moved to a shelter and became very despondent over the passing of his owner, as he sat in the shelter he became withdrawn and overwhelmed with the shelter environment. Unfortunately there was no arrangements made for him in the event of his owners passing and now his life was in jeopardy in a shelter. The rescue of J.D. highlighted the need to seek a way to help these animals that get left behind with no provisions made for them once their owners pass. Please don't let this happen to your pets. By creating a plan for your pets you will have peace of mind knowing they will be safe upon your passing.

Nikenos Second Chances
PO Box 1505
Wheat Ridge; CO 80034
501-C Animal Rescue












Shoebox Recycling Fundraising event

We are collecting shoes for a fundraiser, this is a double win for us, the environment, as well as people who don't have shoes in this world. So bring us you old but useable shoes!

UPDATE!- this has had a great response, so we have gotten additional boxes to continue this fundraiser. You can drop shoes off at Clearwater Dog Training 303-985-7775 for available times, or at Table Mountain Vet Clinic 15555 W. 44th ave, Golden, 80403


Donate your vehicle to Nikeno’s Second Chances

A portion of all donated cars proceeds go to Nikeno's, an easy way to help.

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