July 12, 2011


What is NSC?

NSC is a non-profit dog rescue that specializes in training and education throughout the re-homing process. Read more on our About Us page.

What makes NSC different from other rescue organizations?

At NSC, we believe the key to successful placement is proper training. Please visit our Training page for more information.

Is NSC a no-kill shelter?

Yes. Although our policy is not to euthanize animals unless necessary, in the event of suffering or like situation we would opt for putting the animal down.

Where are you located?

We currently share space with Clearwater Dog Training at the corner of Evans and Depew at 5555 W. Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80227. The entrance is towards the north end of the building. Our mailing address is NSC, PO Box 1505, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034.

If I find a stray dog or cat, can I bring it to you?

Please contact either Gina or Inge for our current availability. While accepting the animal would be contingent on our space and dogs already in the program, we will not turn a dog or cat away if we can help it.

I need to put my pet up for adoption; can I bring it to you?

Please contact Gina or Inge if you are thinking about relinquishing your pet. Our most successful owner releases usually involved keeping the dog in your home as a foster while we work with them, however in some cases it might be in their best interests to be at the training facility.

How can I help?

There are lots of ways you can help. Check out our Get Involved page for more information.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, because NSC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

How do I sign up to receive a newsletter?

Email us and request to be added to our newsletter distribution list.

How can I get my dog microchipped and how much does it cost?

The most successful defense against losing your pet is microchipping. NSC provides low-cost microchipping for $40 per animal, which includes registration. Please contact Gina if you are interested in this service.

What events are coming up?

Keep an eye on our Home Page and our Newsletters page for upcoming events.

How can I see what pets are up for adoption?

You can visit our Adoptable Pets page or by using petfinders.com. If you are interested in meeting any of the dogs, you may make an appointment by emailing Gina or by phone at 720-514-2543.

How much is the adoption fee and what is it used for?

The adoption fee for our animals is $205 for dogs over 8 years of age, $225 for dogs over 6-months but less than 8 years and $250 for puppies 6-months or younger. Kittens are $85 20-weeks or younger and cats are $75. These funds help cover medical care, food and housing while we have the animal, as well as provide the training that is an integral part of our rescue. While this price may seem high in comparison to some municipal shelters, it is less than the combined amount of adopting a dog and then paying for training. Since NSC dogs have already begun the training process, you’re less likely to encounter expensive destructive behavior or problems that would cause you to return the animal. Purebred rescues also tend to charge a higher fee; we do not discriminate between mixes and purebreds.

Where can I find an adoption or membership form?

You find our adoption and membership forms on our Links and Forms page.

How do I submit and adoption or membership form?

Once you have downloaded and completed the form, you may either email Gina, mail it to NSC at PO Box 1505, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034or hand deliver it to Gina at Clearwater Dog Training.

Will my pet be spayed or neutered and vaccinated before I adopt?

Before being placed, all pets are spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. They also come with four weeks of integration training. For puppies, the cost of adoption includes spay/neuter at 6 months of age at our approved veterinarian.

What is integration training and why is it required?

Integration training is one-on-one training with you, your new pet and a trainer. At NSC, we believe the key to successful placement is proper training. This way the dog knows what is expected of him, and you know how to communicate effectively with your dog. Integration training is often followed up with group classes on an as needed basis.

Do you do out-of-state adoptions?

Each animal is handled on a case by case basis. Please contact NSC if you are interested in an animal.