July 12, 2011


Wills and Trust Funds for Your Animals 

Have you considered what would happen to your animals when the day come when you are no longer able to provide a home and housing for them?  Most of us don't and this can put our family pets in jeopardy of being placed in a shelter.  Once the animals are in a shelter their fate can know be at risk for possible euthanizing.  If your animal is lucky enough to get adopted, most shelters do only the basic screening for the new adaptors and do little to help match the animals to the people.

When you create a will and trust for your animals then you can help with making sure the provisions are put in place so your death does not have to mean your animals would be put to sleep in an overcrowded shelter.

Roy is a great example of what can happen when we no longer can provided for our animals.  Roy's dad, Anthony was dying of cancer and could no long care for himself at home.  Anthony was taken to a Hospice facility and Roy was not only left locked in the house by the home care giver but was tide up as well.  Roy was only found because the house was going to be destroyed as eminent domain because the city of Denver is expanding in that area.  Fortunately, before they begin demolition they are required to search the facility to make sure everything is safe to proceed.  

Upon entering the house they found Roy tide up in the home, it was unknown if the care giver had ever came back to make sure Roy was ok.  Nikenos was called and Gina arrived on site.  Not knowing anything about the dog in the house, all you can do is hope they welcome you.  Out came Roy, more then willing to meet who ever opened the dog.

The stories are endless for these animals, but by providing for them in your Will you can help make sure your animals future will be secure.

Walker Legal Group can help you with any needs you may have to help create your Will.  They have also agreed to donate the proceeds in creating your Will to Nikenos Second Chances.  You can contact Mick Walker for more details @ 720-308-8691 or TWLGLAW.com





Shoebox Recycling Fundraising event

We are collecting shoes for a fundraiser, this is a double win for us, the environment, as well as people who don't have shoes in this world. So bring us you old but useable shoes!

UPDATE!- this has had a great response, so we have gotten additional boxes to continue this fundraiser. You can drop shoes off at Clearwater Dog Training 303-985-7775 for available times, or at Table Mountain Vet Clinic 15555 W. 44th ave, Golden, 80403

Donate your vehicle to Nikeno’s Second Chances

A portion of all donated cars proceeds go to Nikeno's, an easy way to help.

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