July 12, 2011


Tony Pettis Memorial

We lost a wonderful friend and a great supporter of Nikeno’s Second Chances this week. Tony Pettis, you will be missed and remembered for your kindness, devotion to animals, and your loving, unique self! Tony was always available at a moments notice to do whatever was needed, fostering, training new dogs or anything that he was asked to do. The world became a little smaller without you in it. May you rest in peace our friend! Tom.

Wally was Tony’s first dog he trained with Clearwater Dog Training, then Tony went on to foster dozens of dogs for Nikenos Second Chances being he was so smitten by the German Shepherd Breed . Tony followed suit as most foster parents often find themselves falling in love with their foster dogs and then taking the plunge and finalizing the adoption. Gretta hardly got on as Tony’s first foster before she captivated Tony’s heart and he returned with a check in hand and took her home as his 1st adoption. The rest was history, Gretta hooked Tony all the way into the rescue and so his love affair with Nikenos Second Chances began. One of Tony’s passion was to help his fosters succeed in life and he was good at helping them. Unfortunately, with Tony’s passing he will not be able to assist Nikenos Second Chances any longer, however, with your contributions and donations you can help Tony do for the rescue what he can no longer do.

On a personal side, I am at a loss for words on how much you meant to me personally. You filled a void in my life with your kindness that will be as hard to fill as you were tall. I have no doubt in heaven you and Amanda are playing ball with Wally and all the other that crossed your path along the way. I hope heaven has those crack treats you always had for the dogs in class and you have a sea of German Shepherd in training. Know you are so dearly missed and will never be forgotten as your paw print on my heart will last a life time. Gina