July 12, 2011


Business Sponsors

Clearwater Dog Training
5555 W. Evans Ave
Denver, CO 80227

Table Mountain Veterinary Clinic
15555 West 44th Avenue
Golden, CO 80403

Douglas C. Wills
Financial Advisor
Financial Plaza at Union Square
215 Union Blvd., Suite 200
Lakewood, CO 80228

Leona Lawrence Realty
14409 West Cedar Place
Golden, CO 80401


20269 Smoky Hill Road Unit C
Centennial, CO 80015
Phone: 303-627-PETS (7387)


Sweet Bros. Graphix

Hampton, GA 30228
770-467-0353 Fax 770-467-8185


Robyn and Gene Moore for their generous sponsorship of Robbie.

Dave and Merebeth Scott for fostering Jesse and her puppies.

Debbie and Eric Satie for donating the sound system for the Halloween party.

Denise Burroughs, Tami Grubbs, Julie Anderson, Cheryl Fullmer, Diane Strein, Sidonie Johnson, Tammie Elliott for your generous donations for Jesse and her puppies.

Biscuits & Butter Donors for Nikeno’s cause and operations
Thank you!

Amber Allen
Mike and Gabrielle Allen
Jennifer Altabef
Yvonne Arago
John Bain
Vicky Barch and Tony Jones
Bark Avenue
Ted & Lynne Batchelder
Dean Bernard
Robert and Laura Bimm
Alana Bissonnette
Bill and Kelly Boerder
Anita Bosworth
Armin Burdick
Libby Butler and Tim Wallert
Julie Carlson
Alexa Carter
Charles Christiansen
Keith and Christine Cogar
Corum Real Estate Group
Virginia Craig
Cindy Cravitt
Jim and Ann Crawford
Claudia DeBell
Jane Dickinson
Vicky Dixon
Nick Domenico
Cynthia Donnelly
Corinne Dubois
Carolyn Elerding
Dave and Virginia Feld
Linda Forsyth
Bob and Gail Gandert
Dorothy and Ed Geer
Joan Gladden
Juliana Glinkman
Christopher Grady
Sandy Graham and Blair Johnson
Guy Grignon
John Gunzenhauser
Mary Hadley
Wendy Hall
Barby Halliday
Ben Hamilton
Sharon Harker
Ruth Heavey
Angela Heid
Abbie and Aaron Helgerson
Becky Henrekin
Josephine Herzer
Patricia Holley
Nicole Howard
Henrietta Hudgins
Sonny and Christine Hudman
Janus Capital Group
Janice Jensen
Steve and Cathy Johnson
Barbara Kaifesh
Susan Kaplan
Patricia Kascsak
George Kasynski
Mike Keating
Dale and Lori Kemp
Kathy Kinnard
Phyllis Kirk
Terry and Gail Kirkpatrick
Marti Krusko
Andrea Lamb
Julia Lane
Gwen Larson
Leona Lawerence & Cheryl Siefert
Joyce Leake
Bill and Deb Leeper
Jeff and Laura Mauck
Jacci McAllister & James Webb
Chris and Dorothy McCune
Alisa Melendez & James Sinclair
Michael Mensch
Jody Miller
Josephine Miller
Jimmy and Kim Molloy
Craig and Sharyn Monroe
Robyn and Gene Moore
Jon and Christy Nealon
Edie Nicholls
Sandra Numedahl
Don and Terri Opeka
John and Janel Opeka
Bill and Lisa Parkinson
Richard and Barb Pedersen
Lydia Petersen
Nancy Plimpton
Smith Pock
Erica Propst
Keith and Andrea Raschke
Heinke Reitzig
Julie and Thomas Riggs
Stacie Rochford
Roxanne Rouser
Dave and Merebeth Scott
Sherry Seymour
Gary and Beth Springer
Nancy Stall
Kenny Sterner
Laurie Stoessel
Dave and Nicoll Sudo
Mary Sullivan
Kathy Swanson
Jan Therkidsen
Judy and Kelly Thomas
Cheryl Thomas & Chris Adamson
Manfred and Kristen Uebelhoer
Donna Valori
Jeff and Pam Wamser
Tim and Cheryl Whitecotton
Dorothy and William Williams
Gary and Margaret Williams
Douglas Wills
Chuck and Judy Woodring