Nikenos Second Chances recently rescued a Lab mix named J.D. after his owner’s unexpected death. Poor J.D. was moved to a shelter and became very despondent over the passing of his owner, as he sat in the shelter he became withdrawn and overwhelmed with the shelter environment. Unfortunately there was no arrangements made for him in the event of his owners passing and now his life was in jeopardy in a shelter. The rescue of J.D. highlighted the need to seek a way to help these animals that get left behind with no provisions made for them once their owners pass. Please don’t let this happen to your pets. By creating a plan for your pets you will have peace of mind knowing they will be safe upon your passing.
Nikenos is now able to make some of these important discussions easier for our supporters, friends and families. We have now partnered with Mick @ Walker Legal Group to help you or anyone you know who would need assistance with a complete basic estate plan. This will include building a Will, Pet Trust, Living Will and Power of Attorney to plan your passing and to see to it your family and pets will be cared for in the manner you choose.
To create your family/pet friendly estate plan, you must attend a short group seminar to focus on estate planning options with your pets in mind. On Thursday, November 5th at 7p.m. the seminar will be held @ Clearwater Dog Training, 5555 W Evans Ave, Denver CO 80227, 303-985-7775.
Mick will be providing a planning worksheet for each of you that you will need to get back to him to start the process for you. He then will draft an initial plan for you based on the information you provide. Mick will set a time either via phone or SKYPE to consult with you and cover any details to complete this process. Once the final plan has been created there will be a brief signing ceremony with you at the Clearwater Dog Training facility. Its that simple.
Mick of Walker Legal Group has agreed to support Nikenos by creating the estate planning documents for anyone needing a simple Will or similar plan. All but $50.00 will be a donation to Nikenos to help support their cause. The fees are as follows for estate planning, Wills, Power of Attorney, Living Will, Medical Declaration, Pet Trust.
Single person $400.00 with $350.00 as a tax donation to NSC
Married couple $750.00 with $675.00 as a tax donation to NSC
This process with insure that your family understands your wishes at your passing and your pets future will have a better outlook then J.D’s did before he was brought into Nikenos Second Chances. By your participation, you not only ensure your families and pets future, you also help support Nikenos continue to be in a position to help the animals in need.
Please call Gina today at 720-514-2543 or email her at gina@nscrescue.org to set your seat at the planning seminar on November 5th, 7p.m.
Gina Krehbiel
Nikenos Second Chances
PO Box 1505
Wheat Ridge; CO 80034
501-C Animal Rescue





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It’s that time of year again.  Please plan on coming and enjoying our 19th annual Halloween party.








This page is to memorialize Bryan Johnson and his beloved German shepherd Jelli.

Dear Gina,

I wanted you to know that my son and Jelli’s previous owner Bryan Johnson passed away Friday morning. He had her photo next to the bed all week and was at peace with losing her and knowing she would have a good life. I hope all is well with her. Thank you again for taking her when no one else would. We will be eternally grateful to you. We have asked that all donations in remembrance of Bryan be placed with Nikenos Second Chance. I hope there will be something good that can come out of all of this.

With gratitude and admiration for all you do,
Karen Johnson
Bryan and Jelli’s Story

Bryan and Jelli

Bryan was getting weaker due to his terminal cancer. He was no longer able to care for his beloved German shepherd Jelli. So Jelli was placed in temporary housing with the Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital in Columbia until something could be arranged for her care.

Jelli is a high energy German shepherd with some social issues, she is great with people but not so good with other dogs. Karen, Bryan’s mother, was not having much luck finding her proper placement in a new home or an animal rescue. Karen, seeking for help to find a new home for Jelli was referred to Nikenos Second Chances in Denver Colorado. Nikenos Second Chances attaches a training program to all the dog that are adopted to assist the adoption process, which enormously increases the success of each adoption.

Karen sent an email to Nikenos Second Chances that read. “The reason I am writing is to ask for your assistance. Jenny Romesburg from the Central Humane Society in Columbia, MO gave me your email and information and it is my hope that you can help us. My 44 year old son Bryan has terminal cancer and is in the last phase of his disease. His six year old female German shepherd “Jelli” has been his companion ever since he rescued her from a Craigslist ad four years ago. “

It became very clear how much Jelli meant to Bryan and he was very concerned if she ended up in a shelter she would never make it out of the shelter alive mostly due to overcrowding. This weighed heavy on Bryan and Karen’s heart. With the devastating fate that Bryan would soon be passing and to know Jelli maybe facing the same fate due to lack of resources was more than anyone should have to experience at all, much less at the same time.
Fortunately, I had a single man that was looking for a new dog and is an experienced dog handler. So we agreed to have Jelli join the Nikenos Second Chances family of dogs. Transportation was arranged by C.A.R.E. transport, who helps homeless dogs get the transportation they need for safe harbor. Linda created this nonprofit transportation caravan for this very reason, to help these dogs get to a safe place.

Jelli arrived in Denver on February 18th ,2015 safe and sound. She was taken to Clearwater Dog Training which is the training center for Nikenos Second Chances. Now it would be the time to meet her new dad. From the start, Jelli seemed to know the man in the room was there for her. She took to Carl from the first glance and there was no hesitation from Carl either. The deal was sealed and Carl would become her new dad in moments.
Not knowing how she would take to Carl’s dogs, Carl and Gina from Clearwater Dog Training arrange a plan for Jelli to join Carl’s pack of two other dogs.

Shortly after the time Jelli arrived, Carl’s female dog Kayla needed to be put down due to her current health issues that turned a fast turn to the worst. With Jelli’s arrival, it’s almost like Kayla knew her dad was in good paws with Jelli, this allowed Kayla to know she could now cross the rainbow bridge knowing her dad now has Jelli to watch over him.
Jelli and Carl have been attending training classes at Clearwater Dog Training to help her integrate into his pack. She brings joy to Carl’s life and has helped ease the pain of the loss of Kayla.

Kayla at Carl’s


Intriguing,,, how fate works! Two men states away facing death in their own way and being joined by a dog rescue to experience death in the same way, it’s almost Hallmark.!

I can in vision Kayla waiting on the bridge with her kind eyes and open heart helping Bryan find his way home. Assuring him she would now be the one to comfort him as Jelli once did. In turn Jelli comforting Carl like Kayla once did.

Today, I hope Kayla and Bryan are running in the grassy meadows of heaven and resting under the big Oak tree with her head lying across Bryan’s chest

Karen Jonson has ask for any donations to be made in honor of her son Bryan, you can go to our web page at www.nscrescue.org and use the PayPal button or you can send a donations to Nikenos Second Chances @ P.O. Box 1505, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034, or call Gina @ 720-514-2543 to do a credit card over the phone.


Thank you for your support!!!!
In honor of Bryan , Nikenos Second Chances is now offering estate planning and Wills that will include the after care of your animals, please email gina@nscrescue.org if you would like more information.








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Nikeno's Success Stories



We have big news!!

Gina Krehbiel our President and Co-founder has received the 7 Everyday Hero award!! Thank you goes out to Virginia, one of Gina’s long time students for nominating her.  Gina has worked hard to help the animal community for over 20 years, and has helped save many dogs from certain euthanasia through her work as a dog trainer, and through rescue. With an intuitive ability to understand the animals she is able to guide the rest of us to help them.

Gina’s Story will air on 7 News

3/23/2014 at 10pm

3/24/2014 at 5pm

3/27/2014 at 11am

3/29/20141 at 5pm

3/30/2014 at 7am


Shoebox Recycling Fundraising event

We are collecting shoes for a fundraiser, this is a double win for us, the environment, as well as people who don’t have shoes in this world. So bring us you old but useable shoes!

UPDATE!- this has had a great response, so we have gotten additional boxes to continue this fundraiser. You can drop shoes off at Clearwater Dog Training 303-985-7775 for available times, or at Table Mountain Vet Clinic 15555 W. 44th ave, Golden, 80403


Donate your vehicle to Nikeno’s Second Chances

A portion of all donated cars proceeds go to Nikeno’s, an easy way to help.

Special Needs, we need your support to help these special animals

We have been busy the last few months with a few special needs dogs, please check out our page.


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