Nikeno's Second Chances

2nd Chances

Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome.

Second Chances for a Fur friend begins with you.

About Us

“Keno touched so many – I just wanted to help people find forever friends like him. These dogs have it in them – they just need the right second chance.”



NSC started as a response to the unfulfilled need for professional assistance during the dog adoption process. While numerous people are willing to adopt shelter animals – many times the combination of untrained dogs and knowledgeable owners leads to returned or unwanted pets. By giving the dogs structured training before, during and after home placement – their chances of success more than quadruples.

At NSC – we try every day to provide the necessary tools for our shelter dogs to lead positive, well mannered lives in the homes they find themselves in. While all of our dogs are a work in progress – they are more likely to be successful in that endeavor with our help.

Please consider our organization if you or someone you know is looking for a forever friend.

  • 1200 Dogs & Cats. We are one of many groups helping animals where we can.

  • 1200 dogs & cats, ready for that second chance.

  • 1200 have found their fur-ever homes.


Without the help of these fur-lovers, 2nd chances wouldn't have been possible for the fur-friends NSC has helped over the years.


Some touching letters from families and their fur-evers.

2nd chances starts with you.

Rescue. rehabilitate. rehome.