August 14, 2013

Special Needs

Special Needs, we need your support to help these special animals

We are always busy with Special Needs animals, we really need the support from our community to continue to help these in need.


8/8/2013-Angie Intake

When we held Crissy in her final moments, we promised her we would honor her by helping another on the end of their journey. Little did we know the email was being sent at that moment.
Angie (aka Miss Betty White) was at the Longmont shelter, they felt she was a 14 yr old Shepherd, severely malnourished (52 lbs), and declining quickly there. Brenda reached out to us and asked if we by any chance could take, and help her.
Not ready to hold another while they cross over, but feeling like we can’t let her die at the shelter, we took her.
Angie is bouncing back very quickly, and has put on weight up to 63 lbs this week (8/20/2013). We will continue to help her and see where things go, maybe she isn’t as far gone as she appeared, and she can find that forever home.

3/1/2013-This is Chrissy, a distinguished older gal that was looking for some comfort. She was transferred in from Kansas, she is heartworm positive, and has a rather large mammary tumor. She is also at our vet being evaluated for treatment, which will include removing the tumor.

7/19/2013- It is with tears that we held Crissy as she left us. The cancer came back with a vengeance and all we could do is love her in her final days. Crissy came to us to remind us that there are simple pleasures in life to enjoy, even if not for long we can be happy and fulfilled!

2/14/2012-Rio came through Denver Animal Shelter, we think he was hit by a car. He is currently needing prayers, as he has air in his chest, degloving on both rear feet, numerous abrasions, and sores. At this point he is at our vet getting the bet care, but looks like he may be there for a while.

3/2/2013- Rio is still at our vet, he has some broken bones they are hoping will fuse, prayers needed so they won’t need to amputate. He is still in good spirits, and LOVES his vet techs at Table Mountain Vet Clinic.

5/7/2013- We are about 1/2 way through the healing after Rio’s surgery. The Doctors fused the bones together, and Rio is doing really well, considering her really wants to be a puppy.

This is a picture video of Rio’s Journey, it does have pictures of his injury when he came in, so squeamish stomachs may want to pass.

8/14/2013- Rio is finally healed enough to be available for adoption!!! We are looking for someone to give this special boy a forever home!


4/19/2013- Indio was left at a shelter in Carson, CA, through networking on Facebook, we were able to get him to us where he will be safe. We are evaluating his health, and will be available for adoption as soon as he is stabilized.

7/31/2013- Indio has over come his skin issues, we believe it may have been an allergy. He is on a high quality food and has been maintaining well. He is available for adoption!

Indio on 8/22/2013 what a handsome boy he is

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